Computers can cause people to have trouble relating to others

In a study published in the March issue of the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Dr. Rose Richards of the University of Otago said: "Our findings give some reassurance that it is fine to limit TV viewing. In fact, it may result in stronger relationships between young people, their friends and their parents." The study concluded that staring at any screen for a long time is detrimental. Richards advised parents to stick to the recommended time limit of less than two hours of any screen use a day. 

This is quite true in today's generation. In my opinion, too much time spent on computers is really unhealthy for us. Most of the time, we face the computer because we want to be updated with our friends, colleagues, and family. This is where social networking sites such as Facebook became popular. Although we may benefit in expanding our connections through these social networking sites, these connections are but superficial. Often times, we just post even the most insignificant activity or feelings just to get attention. More and more people are having attention deficit. This leads to a self-centered behavior causing us to talk more and express more, but on the other hand, listen less. This is why I think, people who are addicted to computers will have trouble relating to others. 

Another area of the validity of the study is time management. Being in front of the computer too long may cause us to have trouble with relating to others because we won't even know that we have wasted time just browsing for updates. Yes, we might just be plurking around, or twittering around, but if we try to consolidate the time spent on waiting for new status to be written, or for us just to post another insignificant status, we might be surprised on how much time we spent on these things within just one hour. These hours could have been spent with real people, but were spent on facing the computer. 

It's not that difficult to validate the published study. Just try an experiment yourself and count the time you spent on facing the computer. You'll be surprised on how much time has been wasted. You could count the number of friends you have online versus the number of friends that actually contact you on a regular basis. 


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