Open a Lenovo 3000 G410 Battery

One of the common problems with laptops is the deteriorating performance of its battery. Laptop batteries are made up of Lithium Ion (Li-ion). I have a laptop that is more than a year old. Last week, its battery went totally dead. I'm still looking for a replacement. I'm very careful in finding one because most cheap alternatives are poor in performance (with only 45 mins up time compared to the original 3-4 hours). Some are overly priced. I now have a prospect seller and will be purchasing after this post. Well, to continue, out of my curiosity, I opened the battery. The laptop is a Lenovo 3000 G410. Before my exploration, I took the specifications of the battery. It turned out that it's manufactured by SANYO. Here are the specifications:

Battery name: PABAS024
Unique ID: 3658QSANYO PABAS024
Chemistry: LION

I really don't have any knowledge about the hardware. All I know is that it can be charged and discharged. Despite my limited knowledge, I still opened it up and here's how it looks like:

Earn Money Online

It seems that some of the money-making Internet services are up again. Recently I received two tasks from blogsvertise worth $8 and $9 respectively. It's been long before they give consecutive tasks. It went slow since the recession. What I like about blogsvertise is that whatever is the amount posted for a particular task, you get it clean. Unlike other advertising services, many usually get a percentage of your earning. Take SponsoredReviews for example. They take 50% of whatever amount is posted for a particular task (e.g. you only get $5 for a $10 task). For those who know SponsoredReviews, yes! they increased the percentage causing you to earn lesser. Good thing though there are other sites that let you earn a bit. One would be LinkGrand. It's like but the difference is that LinkGrand pays on time. Just search on "Linkgrand scam" in Google to see for yourself. This type of money-making services however, would seem silly to others (you keep on clicking links for just a few cents), but it does let you earn.

Biotechnology: An evolution to biology and information technology

One of the many advantages of paid posting is that you learn new things. If you are a blogger, then some of your posts are compensated by a company or a website owner. Most of these articles you write will be about their products or services. One interesting topic I've received is a form of "biotechnology". Specifically, it is under the category of "Red Biotechnology" which generally speaks of application of technology in the field of medicine. One such application is the Cochlear Implant. Another term for this would be the "bionic ear".

A Cochlear Implant is an electronic devise that is implated to the the ear of a person with hearing disability.

Conventions and Trade shows

Another semester is about to end. This is the time when marketing and promotional activities start to take place. For universities and colleges, their admission's office becomes busy going to high schools to give seminars and aptitude exams. Tough competition awaits each of the prestigious schools because of their quest to recruit the best and brightest students. Some will conduct national conventions to be able to gather attention and provide visibility to their organization. Many gimmicks from the best marketers arise. Despite all the tricks, one method still remains widely used: trade show exhibits, displays and trade show booths. Well, we can't deny however that it's still a jungle out there. It's not enough to just have our trade show booths to place whatever exhibits we may have.