Biotechnology: An evolution to biology and information technology

One of the many advantages of paid posting is that you learn new things. If you are a blogger, then some of your posts are compensated by a company or a website owner. Most of these articles you write will be about their products or services. One interesting topic I've received is a form of "biotechnology". Specifically, it is under the category of "Red Biotechnology" which generally speaks of application of technology in the field of medicine. One such application is the Cochlear Implant. Another term for this would be the "bionic ear".

A Cochlear Implant is an electronic devise that is implated to the the ear of a person with hearing disability.
There are two parts of cochlear implants: Internal and External.

The Internal part consists of the following:

  1. Receiver
  2. Stimulator
  3. Electrodes wound through the cochlea (thus the term cochlear implant).
The External part consists of:
  1. Microphone
  2. Speech Processor
  3. Transmitter

Before a patient undergoes cochlear implant surgery, he/she must consider various factors. Among these would be the type of hearing impairment and the age. Each individual has different biological structure. Improper administration of such technology may lead to complications and sometimes fatality. This is why patients should strongly consider consulting with their doctors before undergoing surgery. 

Another factor that should be taken into consideration would be the quality of the device to be used. Not all companies have good quality products. This is where many of people who need medical attention got wrong. Since this is an internal implant, patients should strongly consider the sterility of devices. Any mistake would be crucial to a patient's health. 

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