Firebird is a free relational database that allows many SQL features and has existed since 1981. It supports indexing, primary key, foreign key, stored procedures, and many more. You can use it in many platforms of Linux and Windows. I liked using it because it's free. The only problem is with its IDE. It is really hard to find a user-friendly IDE that is also free. Although there is Flamerobin, I didn't like using it. The commercial ones like EMS for Firebird and IBExpert. I just wish the open source community also comes up with a comprehensive IDE for Firebird. It also took a very long while for Firebird to come up with another version. Maybe because it is almost complete.

The Dog Park

Are you a dog lover? My favorite thing to do in the summer is to take my two puppies to the dog park. Here you can let your dog socialize, helping them become better with other dogs and people. It is very important for your dog to be able to be comfortable with strange dogs and people, this way they will not act out if they are ever put in an uncomfortable spot.

The dog park is great because you can let your dog get way more exercise than just taking them for a walk. You can let them play fetch, run around with other dogs, or even just chew their favorite bones in the corner. No matter what personality you or your dog may have, you will be accepted at the dog park. It is full of dog lovers who are all looking out for the best for not only their pooch, but yours as well.

The other great thing about the dog park is that your puppy will be extremely worn out after he is done running around with all his new friends. This will give you a chance to watch your Direct TV deals in Washington State when you get home without your dog running around like a wild man! Check out your local dog park, it is a safe way to get your dog the exercise and social skills he deserves!

Car enthusiasts and their wife

Car enthusiasts around the world want their vehicles to look their best, whether they are new or old. They put great effort in making the most of their car with a stylish collection of car accessories for everyone. They equip their cars with different styling products and car accessories, such as alloy wheels, car mats, car lighting, steering wheel, and the best smelling air fresheners. I remember one of my professors who said that his car is more important than his wife! It is quite harsh but it is a reality to many car enthusiasts. They spend thousands and even millions on car accessories and other car products just to make the car look new and shiny. I think this is funny though.

Everything Virtual on the Internet

The Internet has become a great tool in our time today. It has become a means to live a different life. Almost everything can be virtualized on the Internet. We can have friends anywhere. We can become different persons with different lifestyles in different places in a different world. It has created a new way of living. One reality that has become virtualized over the Internet is gambling.

There are many types of gambling. From card games to slot machines, the Internet offers all of them. Some are free and some for a fee. You can have an online casino from different websites. Even facebook has applications with online casino. People mostly prefer free online casino. It’s just a way to entertain ourselves and make new friends both locally and abroad.

An online casino is a form of website that provides you the opportunity to gamble on the Internet. It is also called Internet Casino or Virtual Casino. Whatever your game plan is, it’s either you win or lose money. Sometimes, I enjoy playing Poker against other Internet users. The rewards won are either in virtual money, or you can actually claim your money. They just send it to your paypal account or any online payment methods. When we wager on online casinos, we usually experience similar odds and payback percentages when compared to actual or land-based casinos. Although some online casinos claim higher payback percentages for slot machine games, almost everything is similar.

One particular advantage of online casinos is that some websites post payout percentage audits. Everything is automated and you won’t have to worry that your opponents (for instance in a Poker game) cheat their way to win. All players have equal odds and opportunities. It only matters on how much you wager for your win. I’m not into paid casinos, but I sometimes play free online.