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On Principles of Management

Business school has taught us about Management. There are five functions of Management (Henry Fayol):

1. Planning
2. Organizing
3. Leading
4. Coordinating
5. Controlling

Planning is the cognitive process of thinking about actions or accomplishments beforehand. This provides direction to a manager as to where to direct necessary actions and anticipate problems.

Organizing which is next to planning is where the manager assigns tasks to different individuals or groups within the organization, for them to help carry out the plan.

Leading is where the manager directs the actions of the organization. This reminds me of some statements given to us by our HBO instructor: which of the following statements is true? 1. All Managers are Leaders. 2. All Leaders are Managers. Come to think of it, I still don't know the answer lol.

Coordinating: Whereas leading is where the manager commands, coordinating is where the manager tries to make things or people work together. Can you be called a leader or a manager if you can't make your people collaborate? This is synonymous to Leading. I think that's why in recent management books, they decided to do away with this. There are now only four functions: Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling.

Controlling is where the manager tries to minimize defects in the organization. The manager takes necessary actions to correct some deviation from standards and goals. I think this is the function where most people are attracted to. We all want to be in control.

Learning from theory is a lot easier than carrying it out. Being able to create a business organization with my colleagues, I tried to implement those theories but it was harder than I thought. Those functions are not just limited within the organization, but also the environment. What happens outside will affect the inside. I can say, it's the skill that makes a good manager and not the knowledge. Well, from what I've learned from Microsoft's pocket sessions, "practice makes experience". It is better to actually do it than just learning from books.

Yahoo to reject Microsoft's offer

It was to be expected (in my opinion). The Wallstreet Journal reports that Yahoo's board plans to reject Microsoft's $44.6 billion bid by sending a letter tomorrow stating their position. Although I don't agree with them that the proposal undervalues Yahoo that much. I do agree that Microsoft has taken advantage of Yahoo's recent weakness in share price. An interesting scenario they picked up though: "Search Advertising Partnership with Google Inc." Hmmm... wouldn't that be quite a monopoly?

Paid Blogging

I have read some blogs criticizing paid blogging. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with it. For me, it is a result of innovation. Entrepreneurs will always try to find ways to market their products or services. To do this, they need to at least introduce their products or services. Technology has played a key role to this. Blogging is a result of technology.

The Internet community is increasing and hence, the opportunity for business. How does it work? Business owners want to introduce their products or services to potential customers. To do this, their website need to become popular over the web. One measure of popularity is how they rank with search engines. Like for example when someone tries to google up Software Solutions, a particular Software Company's website gets on top of the list. To be on top of the list, this particular Software company's website must have many other sites pointing to it. To do this, they either pay site owners to place a link to their site, or just pay advertisers to do the job for them. How then, does blogging come into play?

First we have to define blog. What is a blog? defines blog as "an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page". Basically, we get to become a writer similar to that of commentaries section of a newspaper. We get to voice out our different views about a particular topic. We get to become article writers in our own way. Everyone can blog as long as you have a website to use. When we write our opinion about something, we let our readers know tidbits about that something. When we write something about a product or service that we like or dislike, we introduce that product or service. Word of mouth is the best way of marketing. When we write something that contributes to the success of a particular business, wouldn't it be nice to have just a tiny share of it? Wouldn't it be great to get paid to blog?

Well how do we get paid for blogging? There are many ways. One of which is the popular google adsense. Another would be from an online service connecting bloggers and advertisers, from which an example would be Smorty. Smorty is a service connecting advertisers with bloggers. Advertisers can pay bloggers to write opinion posts with links back to the advertisers site. I haven't really had that much experience with Smorty, but from what I have seen, many have been satisfied with its services. Well this blogsite (as of this post) is less than four months old, but due to high page rank (I guess), it has been approved. This indicates that the workforce that they have are dedicated in monitoring aspiring paid bloggers. Another thing that I like most in engaging with Smorty is that I get to practice my Search Engine Optimization skills. It's not easy doing it but it's also not hard. Either way, Smorty has helped me gain knowledge and that's what is important for me. :D

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What is Antitrust?

In my previous post, I talked about Google vs. Microsoft and how Microsoft's bid for Yahoo might cause them to face antitrust issues again. But what is antitrust? I don't know how to explain it in simpler terms but antitrust is a law that seeks to regulate business competition. It exists to lessen if not eliminate monopolies (one company has exclusive possession or control over a market of products or services). Microsoft was accused of monopolizing the PC operating system market. They were also accused of monopolizing the Internet Browser market because they bundled Internet Explorer with their Windows operating system. I don't know what this recent unsolicited action would lead them. Antitrust lawsuit for monopolizing the Internet market? There is a great possibility.

Google vs. Microsoft

In response to Microsoft's $44.6 B bid for Yahoo, Google through its senior vice president and its chief legal officer Mr. David Drummond said: "Could Microsoft now attempt to exert the same sort of inappropriate and illegal influence over the Internet that it did with the PC? While the Internet rewards competitive innovation, Microsoft has frequently sought to establish proprietary monopolies -- and then leverage its dominance into new, adjacent markets."

Microsoft has been known to face Antitrust charges in the Software industry. Albeit facing these issues, Microsoft continues to dominate the Software industry. Now another antitrust issue is being raised--the Internet. Will the Internet community allow this to happen?

While this union (in my opinion) can definitely put up a fight with regards to Internet advertising making prices more affordable, my question would then be, how about the open source community? What effects will this have on them?

What are stocks?

My previous post tells about Microsoft acquiring Yahoo's outstanding stocks for $31. This news may be of interest to a few who knew what it meant. Well, to give a few information to those who don't know yet, what are stocks really?

Wikipedia defines a stock as "the capital raised by a corporation through the issuance and distribution of shares." Before I explain, let us understand the different types of business. If I want to have a business from which I solely own, that is a "sole-proprietorship" type of business. If on the other hand, I have a partner or two in a particular business, the type of business would then be called a "partnership". If a business has many owners, then it is called a corporation.

A corporation must have at least 5 members (owners). These owners are called shareholders. Each will have a share of ownership with the company depending on how much they have invested. This "share of ownership" is called a "stock". If you are a shareholder, you have a share of the company's earnings and the right to vote who gets to sit in the board of directors. The job of the board of directors would be to oversee the company's management. They establish policies and they decide whether dividends (a shareholder's portion of a fraction of the company's earnings) are to be issued.

For those who are interested in stocks or investments, a good read will be from Although I have studied some of these in business school, has been my source for latest information regarding stocks and matters alike.

Microsoft to buy Yahoo

Wow. This is a very interesting news. Just recently, Microsoft, a software giant made an offer to Yahoo to acquire their outstanding stocks for $31 per share. This would be equivalent to $44.6 billion total equity. Yahoo's closing price as of January 31, 2008 was $19.18. This makes Microsoft's offer equivalent to a 62% premium. The question is, would Yahoo's board of directors consider the offer?

If this union proceeds, will it have a great effect on Google's economic performance? Google right now is on top of Search Engines and on-line advertisement. Will the Microsoft-Yahoo tandem end this dominance?