What many bloggers write

I have been blogging for two years now. But unlike other bloggers, I write mostly geeky stuff. I created this blog on the influence of my student. Yes, a student taught me how to blog hahaha. What fascinated me was that there was money in blogging. Apparently many of them have been earning from their blogs. I tried it and indeed I earned! Cool! However, I am quite lazy at writing. I don't put my thoughts into writing. But for those who are really hardworking, they earn. Well, most posts that pay don't really fall under my expertise. I don't even like to write my own autobiography. Mostly, earning blogs are topics ranging from personal stuff to online gambling. It is not only through blogging that people can earn. Many also create their own websites. They earn through adsense. They optimize their websites through building links from other websites including blogs. A forum can also be created to optimize the website so that more traffic will come. For aspiring bloggers, you might want to focus on online games or casinos because that's what I find most often. For more info, visit amex online casinos. :P