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The best things in this world are free

At our company, Trimaran Solutions Inc., we have been doing our best efforts in keeping our applications licensed. This included using Free and Open Source Software. Among these include:

-Firebird database
-.Net Framework

What I am eying now is the use of free Software Development IDEs for Linux (Mono for the use of .net in Linux). It will not be long when the majority of the Philippine IT industry embraces the use of FOSS. "It's just a matter of marketing for non-marketers."

Software Freedom Day

Guys you might be interested in joining this event:

Some prank

I read a post at Th3zone about shutting down a remote computer using the windows management console... but here's an easier and less complicated way:

Shutting down a computer using a UI:
1. Start -> run -> shutdown -i
2. Add the ip address or the hostname of the computer you want to shutdown , restart or log off. (You can also specify the time interval in seconds, and an optional message)
3. Click Ok.

Shutting down a computer at command prompt:
1. Start -> run -> cmd
2. to shutdown a remote computer:
shutdown -s -m \\

*To view the command line options for the shutdown command, type shutdown /?