UIC BSIT Research Topics for 2011

School Year 2010-2011 is fast approaching. In the first semester, the 4th year students will be having their thesis proposal, and from what I have observed, students find it hard to look for topics for their research. The following categories might help:
BSIT Major in Networking:
  1. Communications (Email, Chat, P2P File Sharing, Protocols, etc.)
  2. Networking and Network Security (Firewall, Routing, Monitoring, Access List, Virtual Private Network, VLAN, etc.)
  3. VOIP [Voice Over Internet Protocol] (Voice Quality, Transmission enhancement, Compression, etc.)
  4. Virtualization
BSIT Major in Multimedia:
  1. Animation (2D,3D, etc.)
  2. Game Programming (Role-playing games, Simulators, etc.)
  3. Audio and Video Manipulation (Digital Image Processing, Audio Editing, Video Editing)
BSIT Major in Software Engineering:
  1. Databases (Migration, Encryption, Load Balancing)
  2. Software Development and Integration (Interpreters, Compilers, Software Interoperability)
  3. Systems Security/Cryptography (Anti-Virus, Firewall, Anti-Spam, Counter-hacking, etc.)
  4. Open Source Technologies
Each of these categories can be further expanded and examined for more specific research topic. Whatever your chosen topic is, the research should have the objective of improving the quality of life through information and communication technologies.