DamnX.us and 1websiteshostingpromotions.com

I'm fed off by the poor services that this hosting company has been giving. For those who want to acquire their services, here is my review:


  1. Cheap
  2. Large Space
  3. High Bandwidth (supposedly)
  1. SLOW
  2. Too many downtimes
  3. Upgrade to a reseller is not automated, as a result, they will keep on receiving subscription payments made by the customer for the previous package before the upgrade. They don't even bother to inform the customer.
  4. Referring to 3, they will say it's your fault that you did not unsubscribe from your paypal account.
  5. They double charge!


2 Responses to "DamnX.us and 1websiteshostingpromotions.com"

Graham said... June 15, 2012 at 3:04 AM

We use 3 web hosting companies and DAMNX.us is the worst, our site has been down 5 whole days and their support is useless, telling us problem is sorted, but on checking the site it is still down.

Our recommendation - DO NOT USE THEM.

The also registered FAKE whois information - location is said to be in the USA, but contact number that works is a mobile cell number in India!


Geester said... June 16, 2012 at 1:59 PM

We experienced a similar issue with our website being down for over a week but being told constantly that their server was up when it wasn't.

When we asked for update they did not provide any answer, so we had to dispute the pamyent for the domain on our credit card as a last resort.

damnx.us, idrns.com and 1websiteshostingpromotions.com are nothing but scammers, frauds and theives. Toniya is nothing but a liar.