Other Technologies

Apparently, I've been blabbering about .net technologies in this blog. It took one comment to this blog for me to realize that this blog was about technology, and not just .net technologies. Well, I don't know much about other programming language like perl or python or ror, as what was suggested, but I do know some other like Delphi, php, asp, asp.net, java, and c/c++.
It will take some time for me to post some though. So stay tuned. I'm still gold-digging for resources as I lost many of my codes. Maybe I'll start off with php-mysql. Maybe, I'll also write about flash. I've worked on a DTR with webcam in flash. I'm currently working on a payroll system using php-mysql and jquery. Jquery is also cool. I'll have to do more searching for golden treasures inside my head for those codes that might be of interest to people. I'll also welcome suggestions from whoever might stumble upon this blog. Afterall, it's about tech.

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