New Layout again

Recently, my PR dropped to only 1. It's because I've forsaken this blog. Well, not because I don't like posting, but I was just really busy. It takes time to post some codes for tutorials and It needs concentration so that people reading the tutorials won't have too much burden implementing them. As of now, I'm reviving this blog. I will be posting more tutorials and this time, I will focus on C# codes. Anything C# plus other programming or dbms. Crystal Reports, MysQL, MS SQL Server, Firebird and many more as long as it includes C#. Occasionally, I might include non-C# posts but it will still be IT related. It's not like I'll be needing a Minneapolis Garage Door or something. I'm only trying to make this blog site better to have high customer service and consistent excellent quality of work. Right now, I'll be doing a re-optimizing for this blog site. I hope I'll get it back as soon as possible. I know it's possible as I've been doing a little SEO and web programming lately but still I won't turn my back to C#. I'll need some gathering for more resources though. Expect that future posts will be quality C# codes.


2 Responses to "New Layout again"

madz said... July 2, 2009 at 6:01 PM

My PR also dropped. From PR2 to PR0. I had changed my layout too. I wanted it to be more simple.

fiShBoN3 said... July 2, 2009 at 10:09 PM

Yeah, Google has been continuously improving its algorithms for page ranking. I agree, simple is beautiful :D