Ecommerce and Paypal

Just last year before my students did their proposal for their Systems Analysis and Design, I explored Paypal. We wanted to incorporate it into our website at Trimaran Solutions before but the solution was not that easy before. I remembered participating in a campaign to have it offered here in the Philippines. I just can't remember the link. Well back to Paypal, to those programmers who are hesitant on using it, try to explore. They have made it easier to integrate to our websites. You have a lot of options. You can have your own shopping cart, or you can use their shopping cart. Security is not a problem since Paypal had it planned already. They even have all the codes you need ready on their site.

What I like the most is the hosted button. I have an example below:

(You can donate here if you want. :D)

So, for all those programmers who want to implement e-commerce, be it
for your Home and Garden including hoses, outdoor entertainment, bird baths, hedge trimmers, garden accents, housewares, home furnishings, home accessories, furniture, and a whole lot more, now is a very good opportunity to make use of technology. This sure does make monetizing your website a lot easier.


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