Next Trade Expo

I wonder when the next trade expo here in Davao will be. I wasn't able to attend last time as I was too preoccupied with everything else. The trade expo last year was a success. Many companies participated and there were exhibits. The expo was held at the Davao Convention Center last October 23-25, 2008. It catered the needs of and provided opportunities for the Small and Medium Enterprises. A few factors entice me to attending trade expos. The first would be the wide range of opportunities for business. I have been given a chance to become an entrepreneur for a few years and it wasn't easy. My partners and I had the enthusiasm but still didn't quite succeed the way we wanted to. Marketing is one way to have it. Through trade expos, a business can build linkages to other businesses and potential customers. It is a great way for businesses to "socialize". The second factor that attract my attention to these expos are the exhibits. We can get great ideas for our own businesses. If you're a startup, it is easy to find ways to jumpstart a business from these exhibits. Lastly, the physical appearance of those exhibits, and the ambiance of the venue usually is pleasing. This is because the organizers will do their best to provide a formal and elegant venue for the event. Afterall, the participants are businessmen and professionals.

A few notes for those participating in trade expos:
  1. Use trade show booths. It is best to have it done by professionals.
  2. Display banner stands at your booth positioning it almost perpendicular to the entrance. This will allow clients to see your business while they are sight-seeing from other booths.
  3. Use the easy to dissassemble Pipe and Drape. This makes it easy for you to cleanup after the expo.
  4. Most importantly, know your business. It is always easy to start a business and participate in these trade shows. The question is, do you really know what you are offering to your customers and can you really give it to them?


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