What's new in my online life?

Got invited by one of my students to Ciao.It's a community site that is intended for the world's consumers (various products). What's interesting is that the site pays for your reviews from computer peripherals to kitchen appliances buying guide. Not only do they pay for reviews, they also pay for the comments you put on other users' reviews. Cool right? Well, if you're asking if they really pay or not, I cannot answer that yet as I have only made $4.21 as of today. They only allow payment requests when you reach $5. It's just a matter of time before I reach that amount and I verify if they really pay or not. I will be posting the results here. As far as I've heard, the site is really legit. Well, you'll never know unless you try. If you decide to join, then add me up. My user name is fiShBoN3.


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