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In my previous post, I was able to connect a firebird 2.0 database to using controls. The next goal was to connect to a firebird database using the engine and using the repeater control. I however, was able to use the engine to connect to the firebird database but not to the repeater control. I used the html table tag. I've created a simple demo displaying the contents of a firebird database on page load. Here are the steps:

1. Things Needed:
  • Firebird 2.0 Server
  • Firebird 2.0 Client
  • Visual Web Developer
2. In Visual Web Developer, create a new Website (using C# as the programming language). The project will have a default page named Default.aspx. Make sure that the code is separate from the page (ex. Default.aspx.cs is separate from Default.aspx)
3. On the Website menu, click on Add Reference.

4. Select the Firebird - 2.0 Data Provider and click Ok.
5. Add using FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient; to the "using" section;
6. On the Solution Explorer, double click on Default.aspx.cs.

The following code should appear.

7. Paste the following in the Page_Load event:

FbConnection fbCn = new FbConnection("Database=;Server=localhost;User=SYSDBA;Password=masterkey;");
FbDataAdapter fbDa = new FbDataAdapter();
FbCommand fbCmd = new FbCommand();
DataTable dt = new DataTable();

fbCmd = new FbCommand("select * from \"TableName\"", fbCn);
fbDa = new FbDataAdapter(fbCmd);
this.GridView1.DataSource = dt;
this.Repeater1.DataSource = dt;
Response.Write("< r =" 1;" cellspacing =" 1;" cellpadding="1">");
for (int j = 0; j <>" + dt.Columns[j].ToString() + "< / t d >");
for (int i = 0; i <>");
for (int j = 0; j <>" + dt.Rows[i][j].ToString() + "< / t d >");
Response.Write("< / t r >");
Response.Write("< / t a b l e >");

8. The output of my database contains the following:


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Anonymous said... August 3, 2009 at 8:32 PM

hello, i have a question about connecting to a firebird database with my WinCE device. the databse is located on my server (desktop pc)

connectionString =
"Database=C:\\smartpos\\data\\smartpos_horeca_net.fdb;" +
"User=SYSDBA;" + "Password=masterkey;" +

IDbConnection dbcon = new FbConnection(connectionString);
IDbCommand dbcmd = dbcon.CreateCommand();

The code shown above works on WM5 device. On WinCE it fails. it does not connectto the db.
on wm5 it uses FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient reference.
Can you please help me further?


Eran Smith said... October 17, 2011 at 2:34 PM
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