I have used Comodo products before and I was glad because it's free. I used their AntiVirus and Firewall. The firewall worked good. It had all the minimum requirements I expected a firewall should have. The best part of it is that it's free! Well, I was quite disappointed with the antivirus. Although it worked fine in detecting viruses, it didn't work as effectively as the free AVG. The worst experience I had was when the antivirus caused some corruption in one of the windows system file. I removed both products. But then recently, I saw a very impressive improvement of Comodo. Although they aren't still at the top 10 antivirus softwares, it's good to know that major sites use one of their products for Internet security. Take for example the dotPh Philippine domain registry. They are using Comodo's Positive SSL for Trusted Internet. For a service provider to use it means high reliability. This gets me into considering Comodo back to my computers.
I'll be starting with the Firewall as I am not comfortable using the built-in Windows Firewall. Next on my list is their Anti-Malware. I currently use RRT but it's not the full edition and it keeps on showing their site whenever I close their GUI. Well, as for the anti-virus, I'm currently using Nod32 and will be testing Comodo slowly enough.


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