What is Active Directory?

Active Directory is a directory service created by Microsoft (MSFT) that provides three services:
* LDAP-like Directory services
* Kerberos based authentication
* DNS based naming and other network information
It is an essential part of the Windows Server Family (including 2000, and 2003).
AD is used to store information about Windows-based Networks and Domains. It allows management of users, security, and other resources on a centralized location over the network.
It's not easy managing servers if you don't have a background on network administration. It's a good thing that the industry is already flooded with service-providers. Check out ensim.com. It's a good place to start for businesses who want quality implementation of Active Directory, Active Directory Management, Active Directory Tools, Exchange Management and Exchange Tool.

How do we install Active Directory on a Windows server? It comes with your Windows Server installation disk. It's relatively easy to install the service. Just follow the installation wizard specifying your network's requirements (Start->Run->dcpromo.exe). After installing the Active Directory Domain Service, the server computer becomes a domain controller. A detailed or step-by-step instructions on how to install Active Directory service on a Windows 2008 server can be found at: Install Active Directory Domain Services on the Windows Server 2008-Based Member Server.


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