SMS Programming in C# Part 1

It's quite difficult to find resources regarding SMS programming with C#. Well, I have gathered through some other sites on how to program mobile phones (various models including Nokia N96). Before I write about C# (I'm using C# express 2008), let's have a look at the basics first. This first part will talk about connecting to your mobile phone and testing its connectivity.
  1. Be sure that you have your mobile phone driver installed.
  2. Connect your mobile phone
  3. To test the connectivity of the phone and whether it responds to our commands, let us try hyperterminal. In XP, Start->All Programs->Accessories->Communications->Hyperterminal.
  4. Specify the Name of the connection.
  5. Choose the Communications Port (Usually, the mobile phone will from Com1 to Com3. To know which port the mobile phone is assigned to, go to Control Panel->Phone and Modem Options->Modems. It will list down all the modems attached to your PC).
  6. Specify the Bits per second, Data bits, Parity, Stop bits, and Flow Control. You may leave the default values.
  7. type in "AT" (without the quotes) to test the connectivity of the device. If it responds with "OK" then you can communicate with your device. Mobile phones have built-in AT commands that we can use to manipulate different functionalities.
Various AT commands are available for testing. Google them up, and there are many sites that give info about each command.

A good phone to test will be Nokia N96. You'll be sure that it will have the minimum (well not only the minimum) requirements for your programming needs. The best Nokia N96 deals can be found over the web. Best deals are on October.


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