Trade Fairs

Trade fairs are events from which companies showcase their products and/or services. It is one way for companies to potentially grab a share of the market. In my previous post, a trade fair can be categorized under the third "P" which is "Promotion". Trade show displays, although they cost high, they aren't high enough compared to the benefit your business can get. Don't however, have just a plain display. First impression last. If your stand shows mediocrity, there is a big chance that you won't achieve your goal--introduce your product and/or service and get a market share from that area. Have at least an elegant truss, and not just any attractive looking truss but one that is related to your product and/or service. Banner stands definitely help in getting the customer's attention. They don't immediately see your display area you know. It's the same as a customer driving by the highway looking for a certain office. From his/her perspective, what can be seen are a couple of buildings from both sides of the road. However, when the office provides a banner or an add that is not displayed parallel to the office (displayed perpendicularly), the customer can immediately see this and eventually will find what he/she is looking for.

To know more about trade shows in your area, contact the appropriate government agency, or be a member of organizations related to your industry. Subscribe to newsletters so that you'll be updated on different schedules of exhibits. :D


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