Computer Stores

Davao City has many computer stores ready to supply our technological needs. Among my preferred stores are Computer World, Rasi, and Thinking Tools. I buy my personal computing needs at Thinking Tools. Although I don't really feel valued when buying something at their store, the price would make me stay and buy. Our computers in our company were bought at Computer World. Again, preference is given to them because of affordable price. All the rest that cannot be found in those two, we can acquire at Rasi. I wonder if I could save more if I buy online. My printer has high ink cost. I might be replacing it with a more affordable one. Lexmark printers perhaps or printers where I just have to buy a printer toner. Hmmm... it would be nice if it includes a scanner.
Well, it would be a lot better if it were a 3-in-1 (Printer, Photocopier, and Scanner) but without the high maintenance or usage cost. I haven't seen a 3-in-1 converted into a Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS). It would be a lot more convenient. Other things that I need to have their prices lowered down are networking peripherals. Routers, Switch, RJ45, CAT5 UTP Cable, etc. I might check out Superwarehouse computer store. One thing I noticed with this store though is that many products are old (e.g. laptop: most are IBM thinkpad. I'm using a lenovo now.). Well, I will still try to surf around their site. I might be able to find many things useful. I hope they have new networking gadgets. :D


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