ener.gee incorporated

Tried this site out of curiosity and from some blog review site. It's some sort of online game that gives you $100 million to run you own company. I have created the "Rixxtech" company for $100 with Stock Price of $ 11.82 per share (Well I don't really know how they computed that 11.82). From what I know, incorporators decide on how much the price per share should be (not too big so as to avoid high taxes, and not too small to be able to attract investors). The challenge is "can you run a Green Energy Company?" What is a Green Company? To be considered a Green Company, part of their goal should be to minimize the damage that the business may have caused the environment. The company seeks to be as environment friendly as possible. Now for this site, they are challenging any business minded individual to run a Green Company-- an Energy Company. It's a good practice though. For those who want to start their own business, practicing in some online investment game should be a fun start.


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