Remote Desktop for Workstations with private IP addresses

Sometimes we want to access our Windows workstations remotely to be able to see our data. If the workstation is connected to the Internet, doing such is relatively easy in Windows XP with Remote Desktop. Just hit "run" and type "mstsc". Type the ip address and some credentials, and you're done. However, some Internet service providers assign you with a private IP address (e.g. This cannot be seen over the Internet and thus, doesn't allow you to connect to your remote workstation. There is a workaround for this for those who don't know yet. Hamachi is a windows application that allows connectivity through a Virtual Private Network. It's like having your own Local Area Network over the Internet. It's virtually zero configuration so it's relatively easy to use. Click here to download. Once you've installed it, you will be assigned an IP address. You can then create your own network of trusted workstations, from which you add your remote workstation. From here, you can access your remote workstation through the ip address assigned to it by Hamachi, through the same process using remote desktop.


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