What are ERPs and CRMs?

Now for my first formal post, here are terms that business entities may encounter with IT
(just google them up and you'll find tons of info) :

CRM - Customer Relationship Management
ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

What is a CRM?
A CRM is a system that puts importance to the philosophy of putting
the customer in the center of the business operations. Most of the
time when asked about CRM, "software" comes into mind. This is because
often times a CRM is implemented through the use of software, and it
is better implemented that way.

Aspects of CRM:
1. Operational CRM: automation or support of customer processes that
include a company’s sales or service representatives
2. Collaborative CRM: direct communication with customers that does
not include a company’s sales or service representatives (“self service”)
3. Analytical CRM: analysis of customer data for a broad range of purposes

What is an ERP?
The acronym ERP originally came from the manufacturing environment. It
implies systems designed to make use of enterprise-wide resources
including product planning, parts purchasing, maintaining inventories,
interacting with suppliers, providing customer service, and tracking
orders. In IT, the term ERP is still similar to original definition,
only that it is being implemented in enterprise-wide software
solutions. ERP systems typically attempt to cover all basic functions
of an organization, regardless of the organization's business or
charter. Business, non-profit organizations, non governmental
organizations, governments, and other large entities utilize ERP systems.

The goal of ERP is to deliver a single database that contains all data
for the software modules, which would include:
1. Manufacturing System
2. Supply Chain Management System
3. Financial System
4. Project Management System
5. Human Resources Management System
6. Customer Relationship Management System

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