Create a Hello World application in C#

I assume that readers of this post are new to C# and have basic knowledge in programming and software application installation in Windows.

  1. Download the C# Integrated Development Environment (IDE) (You can download the free express version)
  2. After downloading the IDE, install it.
  3. The latest version of the C# IDE as of this writing is the C# express 2008 version.
  4. On the upper left corner, you can find a window-like box. Click on "Project..." next to the "Create" label. The following window will appear:
  5. the default project name is WindowsFormsApplication1. Change it to your desired project name.
  6. After clicking the Ok button, the following should appear:
  7. Program.cs is the main program file which calls the Form1.cs so that when you run the application, the form appears firsthand.
  8. On the Toolbox tab at the left side of the IDE, drag and drop a "Label" control to the form.
  9. The "Label" control has its own properties which can be accessed from the lower right portion of the IDE. Look for the property labeled with "Text" and change its value with "Hello World".
  10. Run the program by pressing F5. You now have created a Hello World application.


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